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Knowledge Gap

Services We Provide

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Project Planning: Preliminary conceptualization, identification, design and articulation of SR&ED eligible activities and project framework

Gathering of Support: Identifying and collecting any relevant documentation, both technical and financial, required to compile the SR&ED claim requirements

Compilation: Compiling all SR&ED claim filing requirements and schedules including proper alignment to bookkeeping and financial statement details

Coordination: Ensuring all SR&ED related tax filing requirements are fulfilled, including collaboration with third-party accounting firms

Review: Reviewing SR&ED claim integration with tax filing to ensure correctness and awareness of discretionary tax planning decisions and opportunities

Claim Defense & Liason: Supporting the SR&ED claim process through all interactions with the CRA, including in the case of review/audit.

Knowledge Gap Consulting Inc. specializes in guiding you through the intricate landscape of Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentives. Our suite of services is designed to seamlessly navigate the complexities of SR&ED claim filing, ensuring you maximize your eligible benefits.

Technical Writing


Commencing with claim planning processes, Knowledge Gap Consulting Inc. provides preliminary claim conceptualization, identification, design and articulation of SR&ED eligible activities and project framework, including identifying key technological uncertainties, knowledge gaps, technological benchmarks and other critical concepts and metrics that align with SR&ED eligibility requirements. More specifically, technical writing service offerings include careful planning, development, training and continuous improvement of technological strategies related to SR&ED, including the preparation, management and review of technological documentation requirements and alignment and coordination with financial SR&ED strategies.

Financial Claim Prep


Knowledge Gap Consulting Inc. assists in the Identification, accumulation, preparation, calculation, management  and review of project financial requirements and supporting documentation for SR&ED. More specifically, filing claim preparation includes detailed cost accounting analysis, preparation and review of the required T2 federal and provincial tax related forms, alignment with bookkeeping, financial statement and other supporting documentation, and careful analysis to ensure optimal short and long term discretionary tax planning considerations including cash-back / renouncement optimizations and SR&ED expenditure pool utilization.

Claim Coordination and Liason


An SR&ED consultant plays a crucial role in streamlining the communication process between a client and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Knowledge Gap act as intermediaries, ensuring that all interactions with the CRA are effective and compliant. We assist with all inquiries, documentation, and submissions on behalf of our clients, sparing them from the often intricate and time-consuming correspondence with the CRA. This includes preparing review/audit support and proactive preparation, assistance and attendance at all CRA requested meetings. This invaluable service not only alleviates the administrative burden but also helps to mitigate the risk of misunderstandings or creating potential issues during the SR&ED claim process. By serving as a bridge between the client and the CRA, Knowledge Gap provide peace of mind and helps enhance the chances of a successful and expedient claim approval.

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